When seconds count …

... the fire brigade is only as good as its equipment.
... the safety of the firefighter in the initial intervention depends
    on the level of safety offered by his equipment.


Reliable communication is very important for the safety of the intervention forces. The success of an operation depends not only on the effectiveness of the means of intervention, but also on a good communications system.

Maximum safety with fireXtec ’s firefighting jets. The operator can
choose the most suitable extinguishing agent directly on the pistol itself.
The pistol has an integrated light with which the firefighter can
communicate hands free to a colleague outside of the danger area.


Even more effective in the initial intervention with technological support.

FASTER. Ready to use immediately as the communication technology is already integrated in the appliance and in the firefighter’s helmet.

EASIER. Just turn the switch on the helmet and the wireless connection is active. The lighting control is on the extinguisher gun.

SAFER. With “Full-Duplex” technolgy and the integrated light, the firefighter has free hands.

MORE EFFICIENT. The firefighter can speak and listen at the same time. Thanks to the high quality of the vocal transmission the firefighter is able to receive clear instructions and useful advice.

Safer and more efficient. Go forward with secure integrated lighting and radio communication that is always efficient and never cuts out, fireXtec sets new standards in firefighting safety!

…a new standard in fire-fighting technology

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