The secret to its speed and safety

lies in fireXtec’s intelligent extinguishing gun . The firefighter can, at the fire itself, quickly choose the most efficient extinguishing agent and the most suitable extinguishing jet to use by simply turning the selector switch on the gun.
The gun is fed from the appliance which provides all the extinguishing agents.

Water • Air Foam • Carbon Dioxide Foam • Carbon Dioxide

The device is produced in various versions:
For professional use loaded on a fire engine; mobile on wheels and a fixed installation for large buildings, factories and production facilities.

Technical Data for FK 250-4, fire engine version
 Frame Measurement WxDxH 76x94x82
 Operating Weight Approx. 280 kg
 Motor 20 HP 4 stroke, Briggs & Stratton Vanguard
 Pump 21l/min. - 250 bar
 Fuel Tank 7l.
 Consumption 3.4l/h
 Water Tank 100l.
 Liquid Foam Tank 14l.
 Limits of Use 0°C - + 50° C (without water additives)
 Hose Max. 100m. Special hose on a reel (extendable)
 Extinguishing Gun 4 types of jet,
4 extinguishing agents that can be selected at any moment on the gun. Integrated foam-making tube
…a new standard in fire-fighting technology

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